Online Fitness Coach

As a Team Beachbody Coach I get to help you with your fitness goals no matter where you’re from on the island of Oahu…to California…to New York and beyond. As an online coach, I’m not just connecting with people make positive changes here in my community but I get to motivate & inspire others from all over the world using the online space. With today’s technology, getting fit and connecting with others can be done easily on any device with internet capabilities.

Getting fit doesn’t have to be a lonely process especially if you’ve decided to ditch the gym and get fit at the convenience of our own home with home workout programs. It also doesn’t involve spending hundreds of dollars by hiring a personal trainer for a short limited sessions. My job as an online coach is to create and facilitate an online community to help every member reach their fitness goals with an affordable budget.

PiYo Live Instructor

I love being a PiYo Live instructor because of the MUSIC! It is energizing to be in a group exercise class with great music and be surrounded by positive energy for 60 minutes. As an instructor, I will show you the different modifications for every fitness level. PiYo is for everyone as EVERYONE needs to get more flexible and build strength. Come and check out a PiYo workout with me.

Creative Spirit

Like you, I’m a multi-passionate person and I have many interests. I love all things pretty and beautiful that any typical woman would think pretty and beautiful- clothes, make-up, gardens and crafts. It wasn’t until I became a stay-at-home mom with my 4th baby, Liam, was when I started to nourish my interests in sewing, gardening (I was determined to keep a plant alive from the garden store) and crafting. I continue learn and grow and share with you right here in my site and blog.

Geiger Community Park

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Aliamanu Military Reserve

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