You’ve had it. You’re done with excuses! You’re ready for a change in your fitness and determined to do it right this time around. You’ve done the gym thing in the past and never made use of your membership the way you’d like and after a few phone calls with customer service they’ve finally agreed to let you cancel your membership. Now, you want to get fit from home because it will save you time. You can quickly get a workout in before getting ready for work or before making dinner.

There are tons of different types of exercises anyone can do without having to go to a gym.  You can make use of the sidewalk and go walking or running. If you live near the beach (like I do), there’s tons of benefits walking on the beach. There’s also home workout programs one can easily follow along with some space in their living room or garage. Once you’ve decided on a workout regime for yourself you’ll need to make sure you’ve the right equipment at home for your fitness journey.

Exercise Mat

If you have carpet you might be able to get away without having an exercise mat. But there’s some benefits of getting a good exercise mat. Here’s why I highly recommend a good exercise mat, JOINTS. If you’re like me and suffer from joint issues a good exercise mat can help support you in absorbing shock for workout moves such as running in place, jumping jacks, tuck jumps, and basically anything that involves you jumping.  Please note there’s a difference between a yoga mat & an exercise mat. A yoga mat is for yoga practice and thickness ranges from 3mm – 12mm (these 12mm ones are like a foamy spongy feeling that supports floor exercises like sit-up or modified push-ups). An exercise mat can be used for workouts that involve more movement like kickboxing style workout or HIIT workouts and even workouts with weights. An exercise mat is usually thick and sturdy and can last a very long time. There are some yoga mats that can last a long time, too but they’re usually very high priced. You can find many yoga mats for $20 or less or find some near $100. Depends on your needs and taste. An exercise mat can cost from $50+.  I got my exercise mat for around $59 five years ago and still use it for my PiYo exercises and HIIT workouts. I highly suggest getting an exercise mat because you can use for most workouts even yoga. If you get a yoga mat and try to use it as an exercise mat, you will find yourself struggling with it staying in place while you workout. You can find an exercise mat on Amazon such as this one.  (I’m not an affiliate) (Photo from Pinterest)


Not any shoes but the right type of shoes of home workouts. Yes, you can workout barefoot but sometimes having shoes makes some workouts more comfortable to do. WRONG shoes for home gym- running shoes or walking shoes. DO NOT wear running shoes and walking shoes for workouts at home. You’d be risking injury. Running shoes and walking shoes are created only for running and walking. The proper types of shoes for a home based workout is a flat and flexible soled shoes. These types of shoes will help you do all the different types of moves right in your living room allowing you to move forward and back and side to side. I highly recommend Nike Free Run style shoes because they are light & flexible. (Photo from Pinterest & Nike)

Weights or Resistance Bands

If you’re a beginner in fitness and not familiar with weights, a variety of light to medium weights is a good set to try. At any sporting goods store purchase 3lb, 5lb, and 8lb hand weight set as a starter set. If you’re a beginner and feel that these weights won’t make a difference and feel tempted to go heavier, don’t. Here’s why – if you’re a beginner and not familiar with weights, your body needs to get familiar and you need to workout with good form. Heavy weights that you can’t handle after a few reps will only increase your risks of injury. Add more weights to your collection after a 1-3 month program and when you’re ready to move on to something challenging. Don’t have room for weights or you travel often? Resistance bands are a great option for the same results. They are compact and easy to pack in a suitcase. At your local sporting goods store you’ll find a variety of colors. The different colors represent level of difficulty. (Photo from Pinterest).

Workout Clothes

Ladies, I give you permission to shop =). It’s worth it to have quality workout clothes and outfits. Proper workout clothing will allow you to have the range of motion of the exercises and these days most active wear fabrics will wick moisture from your body helping you to feel comfortable while working out. You don’t want to have clothes tugging or pulling at you while you’re trying to complete a rep. Plus, having workout clothes that look good on you is a good motivation to workout. (Photo from Pinterest).

Workout Program guide

These days there are many workout information we can easily find on the internet such as Pinterest, Google, and YouTube. Find one that offers a complete program and a trainer that is informative and motivated. Depending on your fitness level find one that sparks you and makes you wake up in the mornings excited to workout. This is called – soulmate workout. Some people LOVE cycling sessions at the gym…that’s their soulmate workout. Some people LOVE running and join every marathon across the nation…that’s their soulmate workout. Some love yoga…others love Pilates. There’s also kickboxing and dancing…. And you can find videos of these workouts for the home. My favorite is of course Beachbody On Demand live streaming subscription. Because depending on how I’m feeling on a given day, I can find a workout that fits my mood. If you’re not sure what your soulmate workout is then Beachbody On Demand is perfect for you too! With a library of the nations favorite home workout videos there are thousands of workout programs at your fingertips for a low price. Beachbody On Demand also has a cooking show and nutrition guides, recipes, and meal planning instructions. For a FREE trial of Beachbody On Demand click here. Yes, I’m a coach for Team Beachbody and I specialize in helping others get fit from home with using products created by Beachbody. And yes, I earn a percentage of sales from anyone who makes a purchase from my site. If you’re interested in earning an income with Beachbody please click here.

(Photo from Team Beachbody)