Fit Life Tips!
7 (zero-calorie) little ways to TREAT yourself. Often, when we’re on a fitness journey and we’re trying to lose weight and get stronger we want to start to treat ourselves here and there, right? After one week of meal prep and a week of being consistent with your workout, we all tend to think it’s time for a treat! Most of the time we think of treating ourselves with food like a cupcake or donut from that popular bakery. But we need to change that and think of treating ourselves BETTER with non-food treats. Here are some of my top tips for treating yourself while on your fitness journey.

7 (zero-calorie) little ways to TREAT yourself:
1) Mani/pedi spa. Cost for basic treatment is around $40 for both.
2) Get a new workout top…or shoes….or pants…or gear- something that will get you excited to workout in.
3) NEW swimsuit for the summer…or NEW sandals….or NEW earrings, etc. (don’t break the bank)
4) Get a facial with your girlfriend at the spa or DIY!
5) Bubble bath- Tell your hubby to take the kids out for a couple hours so you can enjoy a relaxing soak.
6) Watch the sunset at your favorite spot.
7) Put up your feet and NETFLIX (and not feel guilty about it).

What are some of other little (zero-calorie) ways do you treat yourself?