Self-Care Tips We Love

Self-care is a practice. It is an ingrained part of your personality that doesn't happen overnight. You'll need to work on it and polish it each day in order to ensure that you become a self-loving and self-caring person. I'm not talking about the superficial...

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7 (Zero-Calorie) Little Ways to TREAT Yourself

Fit Life Tips! 7 (zero-calorie) little ways to TREAT yourself. Often, when we're on a fitness journey and we're trying to lose weight and get stronger we want to start to treat ourselves here and there, right? After one week of meal prep and a week of being consistent...

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Perfect Planners for Female Entrepreneurs

Do you use a planner? Looking for one that’s perfect for you? One that works well for your need to stay organized & motivated? Keep reading and see if my favorite planner companies might have one that you’re looking for to help you stay inspired to make your...

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Meal Prep Menu Ideas & Recipes #14

Welcome to a NEW week & NEW month- April! Feeling fresh, renewed, & motivated for the upcoming new week & season =). The month of April brings us new ideas, goals and hope. Let’s make some time to reflect (a journal might come in handy here) so far how...

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Meal Prep Menu Ideas & Recipes #13

Here’s some meal prep ideas for this week. Planning ahead for your upcoming meals is key for staying on track with your goals of getting fit and healthy. These recipes are not my own creation they’re from either from Pinterest, Beachbody Blog, & Clean Food Crush....

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All About CrossFit Fitness w/ Travis Purdy

Click here to watch the video  I’ve always been intrigued with Crossfitters that I see on Instagram. Most photos I see are usually of someone lifting really heavy! I know there’s more to CrossFit fitness than just lifting heavy so, I had to ask a friend, who’s also a...

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Meal Prep Menu Ideas & Recipes #12

Here’s an example of what I prepare for myself when meal prepping. I’m simple. I like things easy and fast to make. I even like it when things are already halfway prepped for me from the grocery store. Haste makes waste but there are some exceptions especially when...

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