Are you a mom? Are you desperate to lose weight, get fit, and feel good in your skin while raising a family and caring for household? I know I was totally desperate! I was done being out-of-shape but we all we struggle to find time for fitness and wellness! We manage schedules for school, work, and routines not just for yourself but for the entire family. I often wish I could duplicate myself just so I could get everything done. Unfortunately, self-duplication only happens in X-men movies. So, we are now faced with the decision to balance the day by prioritizing. Some things may have to get done later (or sometimes never). Back in 2010, I decided to prioritize home workouts. I had a 5yr old, 8yr old, and 11yr old to deal with. Today, I have Liam who is currently 4 yrs old. And even though I’ve been doing home workouts since Liam was 2 months old, he still gets himself involved in my workouts. I have some tips and tricks for you to not give up on your workout routine for yourself.
Tip #1: Communication. No matter how old they are, communicate with your toddlers/kids/family that it’s time for you to do your workout. During your workout, they can have their quiet time such as reading, play toys, or video games, or watch their favorite show. Please note, they may not be perfectly quiet doing their own thing and might bother you, cry for you, and ask you questions….do your best to work around it. Most importantly, stay consistent daily in your workout and in time they will grow to learn to honor your workout time and they will enjoy their quiet time.
Tip #2: Be patient and consistent. In a perfect world, your plans for your workout and for your kids behaviors during quiet time will be on-point. But that’s just dreaming- be patient and keep going. Everyone will get used to it and even expect it. I remember Nalani (at 5yrs old) used to cry for me because she wanted to cuddle. After a few days of my consistent workout schedule, she learned to wait patiently (or join in with me) then after my workout we could cuddle for time together.
Tip #3: Get them involved with your workout. Get them their own “equipment” and their own ‘workout clothes’ (use your imagination here). If they don’t want their own quiet time and they wanna be just like you…get them involved and have a fun workout. Take turns doing moves or do them together (You may need to pause and rewind the workout video). Usually, when the kids get involved they never last but just a few minutes. Then they go and have their own personal quiet time (yes!).
I hope these tips and tricks help you! If you have a tip to share with what you do with your kids, please comment below. I’d love to hear from you =)…