Welcome to a NEW week & NEW month- April! Feeling fresh, renewed, & motivated for the upcoming new week & season =).

The month of April brings us new ideas, goals and hope. Let’s make some time to reflect (a journal might come in handy here) so far how your year is going as far as your fitness goals, career goals, financial & personal goals, dreams & aspirations. Maybe making some time to meditate and breathe might be something you need to welcome the new month (since March feels like it went by so quickly…it only indicates how busy we were). Maybe a little treat like a spa date for yourself or with a girlfriend might be something in order if you’ve accomplished something in the first 3 months of the year? Right now is a good time to check-in with yourself on how you’re doing with some goals you set in the beginning of the year. Think about your ‘wins’, small big or small. Did a specific dream/goal change? Maybe you wanted something but now you’ve changed your mind (it’s totally ok to change your mind)? What about adding something new to your vision board for the year? What about your health and fitness goals? Luckily, my blog just launched in March and now you’re reading this to get some meal prep ideas to keep going with your fitness desires.

This week’s meal menu is going to be full of flavor! Keep reading and if you’re on Facebook or Instagram tag me when you make these =).

Breakfast- Quinoa w/coconut milk and ¼ c fruit (i.e. crushed pineapple or other fruit)

Lunch- Toasted Kale salad

Snack- Almond Espresso balls

Dinner- Lemon Garlic Chicken Thighs




Have a great week!