My Story

When I realized that my full-time income couldn’t keep up with the demands of my growing kids (back then I was a single mom of 3), I knew I needed a secondary income but without having to spend time away from the kids. I didn’t want to work my 8 hr full-time job then work an additional 4 hours at the local shopping mall as my 2nd part-time job. But I really needed to make extra money. I decided I could be my own boss by becoming a representative for a network marketing company. 

I looked into several network marketing companies that fits my passion – skin care, jewelry, and health & fitness. After much research I decided to become a Beachbody Coach because I was already drinking Shakeology daily and I loved all the workout DVD programs. Earning an income with something that I already love doing was not a difficult decision to make. I knew that sharing my love for fitness wouldn’t feel like ‘selling’.

My Transformation

My personal fitness journey by Cheryl Tauyan:

My real health & fitness journey began when I decided to stop cold turkey with medications to treat my aches and pain to RA. It wasn’t working anyway. I felt as though my doctor wanted to give me stronger medications which will of course lead to bigger health risks. So, I decided to stop seeing my RA doctor without even saying goodbye. I just skipped my appointment and never rescheduled.

I started to do research online about RA and at first it was information that just lead to no solutions. But I kept digging in and and I started to find more and more people’s blogs about how they were able to heal their body from RA with proper nutrition. I learned that different foods can cause inflammation. With RA the key is to avoid inflammation by eating clean, exercise, adequate rest, & less stress.

Even though with a lot of research and knowing what I need to do and what to eat, it wasn’t until after giving birth to my 4th baby was when I finally started to see a difference in my health conditions with RA. I contribute my better health to finally quitting my job to be a stay-at-home mom & eating clean and exercising daily because I am coach and that’s what we do.

Today, I’m a PiYo group instructor and I teach 4 times a week and I no longer feel the daily aches and pains of RA. I lead monthly online groups and still work on my fitness and nutrition with Beachbody workout programs and nutrition. I’m also much stronger today in my 40s than I ever was in my 20s.