Do you use a planner? Looking for one that’s perfect for you? One that works well for your need to stay organized & motivated? Keep reading and see if my favorite planner companies might have one that you’re looking for to help you stay inspired to make your dreams on your vision board come to life =).

In the past, I’ve always been the type of person that just couldn’t find the right planner. I would be attracted to the cover but the inside pages wasn’t what I was looking for. Many planners just didn’t have big enough space for me to write all the things I wanted to write down. I always used a monthly planner but I was never satisfied. Then there are those really big unattractive desk planners that come in black or brown leather and looks like something that lawyers (or someone tied to their desk with meetings after meetings) would use…you know which ones I’m referring to? I won’t mention the company names because they’ve been around for many years and I actually admire them. But I couldn’t see me using it….they’re just not what I was looking for. Then one day, I somehow stumbled across a printable planner on Etsy, and found the perfect daily planner layout I’ve been looking for. I loved the design! The only downfall was that I needed to print them myself on regular copy paper and put them in a binder. But I could live with that. After a year of using a printable planner, I was introduced to a Happy Planner. And that’s when I uncovered the wealth of pretty and productive planner companies out there that serviced women just like me that craved organization, needed inspiration, wants pretty things all in one little package: a perfect planner to help women like me who have families to take care of and a passion to fulfill.

The planners I like to get are the academic planners, which are coming soon if they’re not already out… and I’m planning to get a new one! I’ve always used an academic planner, which is the July-June vs. the calendar year planner, Jan-Dec all because I want my schedule to align with the kids school schedule =). It made sense to me years ago and I’ve just stuck to it. PLUS, I noticed that back-to-school (BTS) season is the season all the best stationery ‘stuff’ comes out. The best pen sets, the best office desk organizers, the best planners & journals & notebooks. Then it all goes away once sold out and won’t return till next BTS season. Office supplies stores, card stores, and specialty stationery boutique stores get in on the action. Did I ever mention that I’m a stationery geek? I LOVE pretty paper, journals, and planners =). Anyway, I’m so excited. Would you think that I’m weird if I told you that I’m planning to buy two different planners (or more) for the new school year?

When choosing a planner, I’m super picky with not only the way it looks on the outside but I want the layout on the inside to work for me. I like a layout that goes beyond just tracking the things I need to do and what appointments I have for the day. I want inspiration…. I NEED inspiration! Luckily for me, I’m not the only one that NEEDS a planner that will inspire me because there are companies out there that make specifically beautifully designed planners inside and out. And some of these companies even teach others how to use the planners to achieve their goals. Cool, right? Planner companies have been around for years but the truth is, they looked boring LOL! (I won’t mention names). But in the past 5 years (or more), I believe planner companies have come a very long way. I’m so happy to have discovered these planner companies for my need to be inspired, organized and productive in my life. Here’s my top favorite companies that make awesome planners:


Happy Planner- Click here to go to my fave place to buy Happy Planners

Pros: 1) cost (you can find a good sale at 2)wide variety of styles 3) accessories!- stickers, covers, dash boards, & so much more… 4) ability to remove or add to the planners 5) hundreds of design styles ideas with stickers and stamps from many other Happy Planner fans 6) they come in 12 month or 18 month planners

Cons: 1) there’s not a lot of space to write 2) they make weekly planners and no daily planners. The company did recently come out with daily planner sheets in packs of 25 (I think) sold separately.

Where to buy: My favorite place is, Amazon, Ebay, and other craft stores or office supplies stores.

May Designs- Click here to go to site

Pros:1) it’s all about the cover designs so many pretty cover designs to choose from 2) good quality covers, paper, and binding 3) personalize it 4) choose from monthly planner, journals, meal planner, budget planner, and more

Cons: 1) no daily planner option2) no weekly planner option

Where to buy: On their site or collaboration with Blue Sky at Target.

Blue Sky Planners- available at Target

Pros: 1) collaborations with different planner designers 2) available at Target 3) affordable price

Cons: 1) not very many daily planner

Where to buy: On their site or Target or Amazon, my favorite place to go is Target =).

Day Designer- Click here to go to website.

Pros: 1) goal setting guide 2) ideal daily layout w/ plenty of room to write notes and a ‘to do’ list 3) pretty covers 4) free printables on their site 5) available in Target through collab with Blue Sky (soft cover).

Cons: 1) their weekend layout is too small (I’m a mom of 4 the weekends are the busiest for me) 2) more expensive price (hard cover, thicker paper), I still think it’s all good.

Where to buy: You have some choices to buy Day Designer 1) on their site which the planner is hardcover and paper quality is better OR 2) collab with Blue Sky at Target which is soft cover and less expensive. Also, Amazon is a good place to check.

I hope these companies I’ve shared inspires you to get one of these (or two…#plannerjunkie) and motivates you to work at your dreams as a female entrepreneur whether you have a side-hustle or a full-time business. If these planner designs aren’t what you’re looking for then you are in luck because from now until BTS season is over, I highly suggest you head down to your local office supply store or Amazon or Target and browse their planner sections.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope I’ve helped you find your planner to make your life balanced and organized and make all your dreams/visions come true.


PS- I’m so happy with using Day Designer planners (this will be my 4th year!) that I’ve signed up to be an affiliate =).  If you would like to purchase a hard cover Day Designer using my link click here. Happy planning!


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