Here’s an example of what I prepare for myself when meal prepping. I’m simple. I like things easy and fast to make. I even like it when things are already halfway prepped for me from the grocery store. Haste makes waste but there are some exceptions especially when things just makes life easier. For example, just a couple of months ago I noticed my local grocery store started selling ready to eat fruit bowls. And they’re not the skimpy kind of fruit bowls either. These are about 3 cups of fruit per bowl and my grocery store has a huge variety of fruit bowls to choose from. I was very pleased and excited to see this because I knew this was one less thing I had to ‘make’ for the week. Anyway, check out the menu and see for yourself how simple it can be to meal prep.

First things first about meal prep for your fitness….knowing how much to eat. I use a formula created by celebrity trainer Autumn Calabrese (she also created the 21 Day Fix program see it here), to figure out how much food/calories I should be consuming per day according to my fitness goals. Autumn also guides us not only how much calories to eat per day but what types of food to eat per day. For example, how much servings of protein a day to eat. How much veggie servings to eat per day, etc. I also use the color coded portion control containers to measure each servings. These color coded portion control containers makes life SUPER easy when it comes to meal prepping. Want to calculate your own meal plan and learn how much food and what type of foods to eat? Click here to get the Portion Fix nutrition guide and color coded containers ——> Click Here ←——–            Anyway, I’m currently on Autumn’s newest workout & nutrition program called 80 Day Obsession (click here to get it, too.), and I’m using Plan B for my meal prep guide and here’s an example of my menu & recipes:

**Please note, the coach in me need to tell you that your fitness goals may be different from mines and my menu may not fit your needs. While you can definitely try my recipes I share in this blog but the whole menu may not necessarily serve your fitness goals. You might need to eat more or less than my menu. If you’re truly serious about changing your fitness then you must take the time to figure out your personal plan by using the formula I used & incorporating a workout program suited for you…in other words finding your soulmate workout (a workout that makes you feel amazing while doing it and after). I’ll talk about finding  a soulmate workout in a different blog.

Here are the recipes =). I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! These are not my own creations but I find inspiration on Pinterest & Autumn Calabrese cookbook FIXATE