Self-care is a practice. It is an ingrained part of your personality that doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll need to work on it and polish it each day in order to ensure that you become a self-loving and self-caring person. I’m not talking about the superficial self-care things like mani/pedi or shopping therapy (although these are important, too). Let’s do a little more than that because let’s face it, if you’re a mom like me (or any woman as a matter of fact) usually will go above and beyond for others than she will for herself. If this is true for you, please comment below. Here are 7 self-care ideas that you might like to practice regularly to keep your mind relaxed at peace.

  1. WRITE A DAIRY: You needn’t necessarily write a page in your journal before going to bed. However, you can write about your feelings and experience occasionally, especially if you need to vent out your feelings without creating consequences.

True that this is easier said than done. But having a set me-time as a daily practice will give your mind and body some breathing space. In addition to that, you can use this time to work on a side hustle or polish your skills thereby accelerating your personal growth one day at a time.


Logic games and smart mindful games that keep brushing up your mental skills are not just a good recreational practice, but also pave way for a healthier mind. These games keep your mind sharp and alert while training you to think outside of the box.

People who play such mind games usually have better intelligence and emotional quotient in the long run, thereby improving their productivity skills on personal and professional fronts.


Be it reading, writing, painting, dancing, or singing. Ensure that you never lose hold of your hobby and allow it to take a back seat.

If you can’t spare some time every day, make time every alternate day or twice a week. But keeping in touch with your hobby will keep you sane and grounded thereby allowing you the creative push to go about your day at your best!


And meditating. And eating healthy. Exercising is good not just for your physical health but for your peaceful and relaxed state of mind as well. Your system releases happy hormones like dopamine and serotonin when you get yourself physically active.

In addition to that, stress hormones like cortisol take a back seat leading to an overall relaxed and refreshed feeling. Now you know where that post-workout glow comes from!


It’s okay if you don’t give yourself a pep talk in the mirror before leaving your house or prefer being modest about yourself. However, beating yourself down at every step is never okay.

Give yourself the benefit of doubt, allow yourself that one chance, that one window of opportunity. And while you’re at it, have faith in yourself.

Constantly belittling, discouraging, demotivating yourself will only snowball into harsher and unpleasant consequence in the form of low self-esteem and anxiety in due course of time.


You may want to go to bed early or sleep in till late, try your favourite dish, read a new book, take a walk by yourself, or simply watch your favourite TV series.

Whatever it may be, allow yourself some time to relax and unwind especially if you’ve been working hard for a couple of days in a row.

Summing it up:

Try and keep up with these 7 self-care habits consciously until they become an inseparable part of your personality. You can tweak them a little to suit your conveniences better, but never forget to skip any of these practices!

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